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We want to change the way virtual assistants are perceived and compensated, and we believe it starts with our commitments to our team:

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Home Service VA Internal Team

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We are looking to work with only the best people.

Here are some of the Basic Traits we see in people who fit into our company:​

Being truthful, transparent, and sincere in your words and actions.

Being consistent in values and actions. Do what you say you will do.

Being friendly ,and considerate towards others.

Willingness to give time, energy, or resources to help others without expecting anything in return.

Being tolerant and understanding;  being able to calmly endure difficulties.

Are most of the following statements about you true?

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We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

We only accept applications submitted through our website form.

Join our growing team, where your skills, values, and growth matter. We can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S.  Did you know that many women (and modest men) won’t apply for jobs unless they feel they are 100% qualified for all requirements listed in the job ad? 
You may be modest and think you are not the person we are looking for, but if you have most of the qualities described below, you should apply! Job ads are just static words on a page, and people are more than just words on a page.

What does our Virtual Assistants say?

HSVA hiring process was smooth like butter! Not only was the hiring process uncomplicated and simple, they instantly got me matched with a great client.
Thanks HSVA for this wonderful opportunity!
Executive Assistant
I'm really thankful for the opportunity since my client doesn't treat me as his VA but as his partner in business! And it's a rare opportunity to have this kind of relationship. Hence, he allows me to do the things with and discover what I can do.
Executive Assistant
Mel, Dez and the rest of HomeServiceVA really did their best to help me land on a great client. Plus even if you are already working directly, they still support you in any way you need them. This is such a great team to be part of.
General Virtual Assistant
This is my best working experience! HSVA provides all the support you need to help you match with a client. I am beyond grateful with the team, especially to Mel and Kyle, because I am now working with one of their nicest client! From application process to onboarding, everyone from the team were supportive! Super grateful that I am now literally enjoying work-life balance!
General Virtual Assistant
My experience with the HSVA process has been nothing short of amazing, from recruitment to client onboarding. Kia and Klye's encouragement and support are simply amazing for someone who is new to the game. I am overjoyed to finally be a part of the team and contribute to the success of the company. And, by the way! I also have the best client, for whom I will be forever thankful.
General Virtual Assistant
HSVA has helped open a lot of great opportunities for me. They instantly matched me with a client that felt like they were heaven-sent! My clients make me feel like a part of their company and not just their EA. Thank you for matching me with the most amazing clients, and I am beyond thankful for this opportunity. More power to HSVA and may you guys help more VAs match with their heaven-sent clients.
Executive Assistant
HSVA is the best place for beginner VAs or anyone looking into getting started in this industry. My personal experience with them has been truly wonderful from start to finish. They give you a great foundation and set you on the right track to success. Even after setting you up with a client, the HSVA team continues to support you in many ways to speed up your growth. the HSVA team is truly an amazing community.
Executive Assistant
HSVA is the greatest platform for being a VA. The training was so intensive and I'm surprised the clients have gone through trainings too on how to handle VAs! This is the greatest opportunity that I got. No hassle, Less hiccups, GREAT pay!, Super Supportive Admins, and AMAZING CLIENTS!
General Virtual Assistant