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Hi Guys! It's Me, Melody

I hope you are humored by my attempt to get some of your attention!
I first want to thank you both. Josh, you have given me so much advice over many years, and although Im slow to implement, you have literally changed my path. Without you, I wouldn't have started conquer, Met Kedma, or even started this business! I appreciate you, and your family's commitment to service.  You are changing the world! 
As you know, Just like you both, I'm purpose driven, and I want to change as many lives as possible.    I approach the VA business the same way I approached this marketing attempt.  I love to be creative. Like you, I think Weird. I pay attention to all the details. Most importantly, My business partner Din and I are purpose Driven. 
We care about people and we do everything with that in mind.   Thank you for taking the time to check us out, and I hope someday we will be working together.  
With Gratitude,

We know You!
You're that home service provider who's...

You can't successfully grow a business when you're constantly
trying to keep your head above water.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can feel like handing
your baby to a stranger.

That's where we can help.

We Help You Create the Perfect Role

With our thorough assessment, we'll help you prioritize the things you need to delegate.

We Find the Right Assistant for You

With our large network of VAs in the Philippines, we'll find a well-qualified assistant for you that is reliable and trustworthy.

We Help You Onboard & Train Them

Effectively transition your assistant into their new role with the help of our training platform.

Mel's HD

"As the owner of a window cleaning and holiday lights company, I remember how hard it was to train my first VA and trust her to take care of important tasks. It ended up being the best decision I ever made!

I started Home Service VA to give others the process we use to hire, train, and onboard VA's with high success rates."

Melody Edwards

- Founder, Home Service VA
-27 Year Veteran in home services

9/10 home service pros wish
they had hired their VA sooner.


My personal and business life was so hectic before my VA. Melody and the team helped me train my VA and found the perfect assistant that takes so much off of my plate.


We were extremely busy and looking for a way to alleviate some of that pressure. Melody got us an awesome VA that is freeing up a lot of our time!


I had a hard time finding someone locally I could count on. Our VA handles our marketing design duties along with other recurring tasks I wasn't able to keep up with. I recently hired a second VA with Home Service VA!


Melody and her team went above and beyond. The end result was finding us the perfect VA, Sheila. She is highly skilled and qualified and has kept things from falling. She has been a huge asset to our company!


For anyone who is overwhelmed, wearing too many hats in their business, but also not in a position to hire in office assistant, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Melody. My VA has been an absolute lifesaver.


Mel and Din have perfected the process of finding, hiring and onboarding a VA to fit our needs. They walked me through every step. I couldn't recommend their service more to anyone looking to hire a VA!


Melody and her team helped me hire a FANTASTIC VA. They made what I thought would be an intimidating and complex process simple and smooth. I would not hesitate to use Home Service VA again in the future.

We recruit, train, and onboard VAs

specifically for home service providers.

More about us:

*Based on 30-Day success rate at the time this website was updated

Our 3-Steps to Successfully Hire Your VA:

Had a bad experience with a VA in the past? This is the formula for our high success rate.

Outline Your VA's Role with our Assesment

Your VA's job is to make your life easier - our assessment will help you identify which tasks your VA should take off your plate.

We'll Find a VA With the Right Experience

We find someone that will compliment your personality and has the skills needed to handle the tasks you’re delegating.

Train & Onboard Your New Assistant

We'll walk you through creating a simple training program and help transition your assistant into your company.

Also - If things aren't clicking with your VA within 30 days of onboarding,
we'll find a better fit

Too many business owners think they're the only one who can keep things running.

This mindset causes:

Don't let burn-out destroy what you've worked so hard to build.