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"As the owner of a window cleaning and holiday lights company, I remember how hard it was to train my first VA and trust her to take care of important tasks. It ended up being the best decision I ever made!

I started Home Service VA to give others the process we use to hire, train, and onboard VA's with high success rates."

Melody Edwards

- Founder, Home Service VA
-27 Year Veteran in home services

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"I could not be more happy for what my VA has done for me. And I could not be more happy with Home Service VA. And I'm a huge fan of them for multiple reasons!"

Josh Ambrose

Mosquito Hunters, Jacksonville & St Augustine


My personal and business life was so hectic before my VA. Melody and the team helped me train my VA and found the perfect assistant that takes so much off of my plate.


Melody S. Edwards and her team are AMAZING!!!! I was a bit intimidate and needy on all I had to do. I am not much of a pc person. But they walked me through it all. If your on the fence, take the leap. This was a no brainer. I don't know why we waited so long. Highly recommend!


Melody and her team helped me hire a FANTASTIC VA. They made what I thought would be an intimidating and complex process simple and smooth. I would not hesitate to use Home Service VA again in the future.

JOSH AMBROSE Mosquito Hunters, SC

The system Melody and Din have in place is well thought out and based off of real-world experience. I cannot recommend using their service enough!! If you want to grow exponentially as a business owner, you need a VA to help you get there. .


We were extremely busy and looking for a way to alleviate some of that pressure. Melody got us an awesome VA that is freeing up a lot of our time!


I had a hard time finding someone locally I could count on. Our VA handles our marketing design duties along with other recurring tasks I wasn't able to keep up with. I recently hired a second VA with Home Service VA!


Melody, and her team made the VA hiring process extremely easy. They laid out a plan of exactly what needed to be done for both of us to be successful .


Their process and training are amazing! They easily found my company a VA that we all believe Will be a great fit and are excited to onboard him very very soon! If you’re struggling to wear all the hats in your business it’s time to delegate .

DAVID ANDERSON Brothers Holiday Lighting, WA

These ladies have got it figured out and they deliver on their promises! Trust them and trust the process! Real, genuine, in the trenches people who just want to help so get out of your own way and let them! They are amazing!

CARLY BROOK Brook Pressure Washing Inc, FL

WOW! Melody S. Edwards and her team created a wonderful process for training and encouraging busy biz owners to get prepared for and hire a VA. Thorough training, consultation, and helpful templates have helped to set me on a strong path to hiring a VA and taking more things off my plate!


Melody and her team went above and beyond. The end result was finding us the perfect VA, Sheila. She is highly skilled and qualified and has kept things from falling. She has been a huge asset to our company!


Melody and Din made the VA hiring process so easy! They found an assistant that is perfectly suited to not just our needs, but personality style as well! They also helped us nail down the training process. Highly recommend!


For anyone who is overwhelmed, wearing too many hats in their business, but also not in a position to hire in office assistant, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Melody. My VA has been an absolute lifesaver.


Mel and Din have perfected the process of finding, hiring and onboarding a VA to fit our needs. They walked me through every step. I couldn't recommend their service more to anyone looking to hire a VA!

Our 3-Steps to Successfully Hire Your VA:

Had a bad experience with a VA in the past? This is the formula for our high success rate.

Outline Your VA's Role with our Assessment

Your VA's job is to make your life easier - our assessment will help you identify which tasks your VA should take off your plate.

We'll Find a VA With the Right Experience

We find someone that will compliment your personality and has the skills needed to handle the tasks you’re delegating.

Train & Onboard Your New Assistant

We'll walk you through creating a simple training program and help transition your assistant into your company.

Also - If things aren't clicking with your VA within 30 days of onboarding,
we'll find a better fit

Mosquito Hunters Questions

Your  Filipino Virtual Assistant is classified as an independent contractor, so you are not responsible to pay any payroll taxes or employment taxes for them. They are responsible for reporting their wages to the Filipino government.

When hiring an independent contractor, there are no additional taxes or tariffs that you.

We use a Wise- a secure online money transfer website to pay our contractors, and we suggest clients do the same. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Wise offers competitive exchange rates and lower fees compared to traditional banks or money transfer services. Most times the fees are as little as $2-$3 per transaction.
  • You’ll know exactly how much money your VA will receive in their local currency before making the transfer. 
  • Wise provides a user-friendly online platform or mobile app that makes it easy to set up and manage payments. 
  • You can initiate transfers quickly and conveniently from anywhere, without the need to visit a bank branch in person. Transfers take as little as 30 minutes to 2 days, and your money is sent directly from your bank account to your Assistants.


  • Wise is a billion dollar publicly traded company founded in 2011. They have grown to become one of the leading international money transfer services.
  • Regulation and Compliance: Wise uses bank grade security and is regulated round the globe. On their website they use HTTPS encryption and 2FA for logins and passwords to transfer money.
  • By law Wise has to ‘safeguard’ your money, which means they have to protect ‘100%’ of it by keeping your money in segregated accounts in 1st class banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Barclays and Deutsche Bank.
  • They use 3DS for card payments and  employ their own in-house security team to monitor fraud and keep your money and data secure.

No, a filipino virtual assistant is taxed as an independent contractor, not as an employee.

While an NDA can provide legal recourse in the event of a breach, enforcing an NDA across international borders can be challenging and costly. We would need to consult  with a legal professional experienced in international law when drafting and executing an NDA. Make sure the terms of the NDA are clearly understood by all parties involved. Cultural differences and language barriers can potentially lead to misunderstandings. 

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are generally enforceable across international borders, including between American entities and Filipino individuals or businesses. However, the enforceability of an NDA can depend on a variety of factors, including:
  • Jurisdiction: The NDA should specify which country’s laws will govern the agreement and where any disputes will be resolved. This is often the country of the party disclosing the information.
  • Reasonableness: The terms of the NDA must be reasonable. This includes the scope of the information covered, the duration of the agreement, and the obligations of the parties.
  • Consideration: As with any contract, there must be some form of consideration (something of value exchanged between the parties) for an NDA to be enforceable.
  • Specificity: The NDA should clearly define what constitutes confidential information. Vague or overly broad definitions can make an NDA harder to enforce.
  • Violation Consequences: The NDA should outline the consequences if the agreement is breached.

Security – Data privacy and compliance laws vary by jurisdiction. For American firms working with Filipino independent contractors, there are several key laws and regulations to consider:

  1. **Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173)**: This is the primary data protection law in the Philippines. It applies to the processing of all types of personal information and to any natural and juridical person involved in personal information processing including those personal information controllers and processors who, although not found or established in the Philippines, use equipment that are located in the Philippines, or those who maintain an office, branch or agency in the Philippines.
  2. **Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)**: If the independent contractors are handling health-related information for U.S. citizens, HIPAA regulations may apply. This U.S. law regulates the privacy and security of health information.
  3. **Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)**: If the independent contractors are handling financial information for U.S. citizens, GLBA regulations may apply.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): Implement NDAs with relevant parties who have access to your proprietary content and data. 
  • Access Controls: Limit access to proprietary content and data to authorized individuals only. We currently recommend that clients use Lastpass, an online password management service. Through Lastpass, clients can Implement strong user authentication mechanisms, such as hidden passwords and multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Employee Training and Confidentiality Policies: Educate employees and contractors about the importance of maintaining confidentiality. Implement clear confidentiality policies and provide training sessions to ensure everyone understands their obligations and the potential consequences of unauthorized disclosure.
  • Data Encryption: Utilize encryption techniques to protect sensitive data, both at rest (stored) and in transit (during transmission).
  • Secure Infrastructure: Implement robust security measures for your infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, regular software updates, and secure configurations. Regularly monitor and audit systems for vulnerabilities.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Maintain regular backups of their proprietary content and data to protect against accidental loss or unauthorized access. Ensure that backups are stored securely and can be restored when needed.
  • Regular Security Assessments: We can recommend that Franchisees Conduct periodic security assessments and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their systems. Address any identified issues promptly to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of their proprietary content and data.
  • Monitoring and Incident Response: Implement systems and processes to monitor for suspicious activities and potential data breaches. Establish an incident response plan to promptly respond to and mitigate any security incidents that may occur.
  1. **Data Processing Agreement**: It’s crucial to have a clear and comprehensive data processing agreement in place with any independent contractors. This agreement should outline the responsibilities of both parties, the types of data being processed, and the security measures in place to protect that data.
  2. **Data Minimization**: Only collect and process the minimum amount of personal data necessary to fulfill your business requirements. This is a key principle of many data protection laws and can help minimize the risk of data breaches.
  3.  **Data Breach Response Plan**: Have a plan in place for responding to data breaches. This should include steps for identifying and containing the breach, notifying affected individuals, and reporting the breach to relevant authorities if necessary.
  4. Strong Passwords and Authentication: (We recommend Lastpass as password protection and authentication software) Enforce strong password policies, including complexity requirements and regular password changes.Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security.
  5. Regular Software Updates and Patching: Keep all software, including operating systems and applications, up to date with the latest security patches. Enable automatic updates whenever possible.
  6. Employee Training and Awareness: Educate employees on security best practices, such as recognizing phishing emails, avoiding suspicious links or attachments, and reporting potential security incidents. Conduct regular security awareness training sessions to reinforce good security habits.
  7. Least Privilege Access: Follow the principle of least privilege, granting users the minimum access necessary to perform their tasks. Regularly review and revoke unnecessary privileges and access rights.
  8. Vulnerability Management: Conduct regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities. Establish a process for timely patching and fixing identified vulnerabilities.
  9. Security Monitoring and Incident Response: Deploy robust security monitoring tools to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time. Establish an incident response plan that outlines the steps to take in the event of a breach, including containment, investigation, and recovery procedures.
  10. Regular Security Audits and Assessments: Conduct periodic security audits and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and identify areas for improvement. Engage independent security professionals for external assessments and penetration testing.
  11. Employee Offboarding: Have proper processes in place for revoking access and removing user accounts when virtual assistants leave the organization.
  12. Data Privacy and Compliance: Maintain a clear and accessible privacy policy that explains how you collect, use, and protect personal data. Stay informed about relevant data protection regulations and ensure compliance with applicable laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  13. Regular Data Backups: Implement a comprehensive backup strategy that includes regular backups of critical data. Verify the integrity and availability of backups and periodically test their restoration process.

We currently don’t carry Liability insurance for Homeserviceva.com, but are in the process of getting it for our recruiting company and future agency.

  • Labor Cost: One of the primary advantages of hiring a VA from the Philippines is the potential cost savings compared to hiring a local employee in the United States. Salaries in the Philippines are much lower due to differences in the cost of living. This results in significant cost savings for businesses.  VA’s are considered Independent contractors by our government and therefore we are not required to pay any payroll taxes.
  • Infrastructure and Equipment Costs: Virtual assistants work remotely, so you don’t  bear additional infrastructure costs such as office space, equipment, or utilities. 
  • Training and Onboarding: Depending on the complexity of the tasks and the experience level of the VA, there may be some upfront costs associated with training and onboarding. However, these costs are typically lower compared to hiring and training an employee locally.
  • Skills and Expertise: The Philippines has a large pool of skilled professionals with a variety of expertise, including administrative support, customer service, digital marketing, and more. Hiring a VA from the Philippines can give you access to a diverse talent pool and specialized skills that can enhance your business operations.
  • Time Zone Advantage: The time difference between the United States and the Philippines can be beneficial for businesses. It allows for extended coverage and support, as VAs in the Philippines can work during the US night or early morning hours, providing continuity and efficiency in tasks that require round-the-clock attention.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Hiring a VA offers flexibility in scaling your workforce based on business needs. 
  • Focus on Core Tasks: Delegating repetitive or time-consuming tasks to a VA frees up your time and allows you to focus on high-value activities that drive your business growth.

We recommend a starting wage based on the type of VA being hired. We believe in paying a fair wage in order to foster a long term relationship with your Filipino assistant. It will also allow your VA to focus only on your job instead of having to get a second full time job to cover the wage gap. We recommend starting a general Virtual Assistant at $6 per hour as of this writing.

Hiring employees through traditional methods is tedious and time-consuming. As a business leader, your focus should be on growing your business, not wading through hundreds of resumes and background checks. 

Just like hiring an employee in the States, there is a lot of back-end  work that goes into recruiting, vetting, and hiring the right virtual assistant. Job boards often bring dozens to hundreds of applicants per position. 

We require applicants to take multiple assessment tests to ensure they have the background you are looking for. We then take our time doing thorough background and reference checks, before finally interviewing only the best candidates. Once we narrow down the best candidates, we match your Disc Assessment with theirs. Our goal is to find someone who can fill in your weaknesses with their strengths. 

Though we have a high rate of success, (84% as of this writing),  people are unpredictable and imperfect, and we don’t always get our matches right the first time, which is why we offer a 30 day great match guarantee. 

The cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower than in the United States. www.livingcost.org, states that the average cost of living in the Philippines ($611) is 72% less expensive than in the United States ($2213). 

Filipinos have many holidays, just like Americans do. The minimum holidays we recommend providing as paid days off are: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years day, Maundy Thursday (potentially, and  Good Friday. There are several Muslim holidays that take the place of christian holidays if your va is muslim, though this is rare. We recommend clients reach an agreement with their VA to figure out what holidays are most meaningful to them.

Filipinos don’t need most U.S. national holidays off, but I recommend following the Holiday schedule of your company, unless you anticipate your VA working on projects while your team is off. Holy Week (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday)

Filipinos work your hours, not theirs. They are accustomed to working the graveyard shift due to their involvement in the Call Center (BPO) industry, where they cater to customers overseas. This unique experience has honed their ability to adapt and adjust to time differences seamlessly.

You are only taking jobs out of the US If you are able to afford and find great local talent who could take the place of a Filipino Assistant.  In our experience, Most business owners aren’t ready to afford a full time US office worker, or can’t find a great worker that is within budget and also has a stellar job record.

Filipinos are known to have near-neutral accents when speaking English. They took American English classes throughout their education, as it is the 2nd official language of the Philippines. Keep in mind that some may have a

discernible accent, but be an amazing writer, while others may sound like they are from Ohio. Most clients don’t care about accents unless their VA is doing client facing work. We find our VA’s based on your needs, so if a neutral accent is needed, that is what we search for.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) from the Philippines are highly sought after in the U.S. and around the world.

The term “virtual assistant” started gaining traction in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the rise of the internet and remote work. Outsourcing to the Philippines specifically, however, began to pick up pace around the mid-2000s. With advancements in internet technology and the spread of high-speed broadband, the Filipino VA industry has seen considerable growth since then. Nowadays, it’s common for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even large corporations to hire VAs from the Philippines to help with various tasks. Virtual Assistants have long been popular in other industries, such as accounting and real estate. HomeServiceVA.com wants to make Virtual Assistants accessible to every business owner, but understands there are significant cultural and logistical issues that come up, and that is why we offer in depth training and planning before you ever meet a virtual assistant.  

Virtual assistants offer numerous benefits, but like any other solution, there are also downsides to consider. 

Pros of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines can often be more cost-effective compared to local or American assistants due to the difference in labor costs.
  • English Proficiency: Many virtual assistants from the Philippines possess excellent English language skills, making communication and collaboration smoother, especially for English-speaking clients.
  • Time Zone Advantage: The time zone difference can allow tasks to be completed overnight, enabling increased productivity and faster turnaround times. However, Being in the same location or time zone facilitates real-time communication, which can enable quicker responses and more immediate coordination.
  • Cultural Compatibility: The Philippines has a strong cultural affinity with the United States, which facilitates better understanding and compatibility in terms of work practices and customer service.
  • Specialized Training: The call center industry has thrived in the past few decades,  providing customer support, technical assistance, and other services to clients in the United States. As a result, Filipino workers have developed a remarkable proficiency in working during non-traditional hours, allowing them to effectively handle customer inquiries and provide round-the-clock support.  The adaptability of Filipinos extends beyond simply adjusting their work schedules. They have also developed cultural sensitivity, language proficiency, and a customer-centric approach to their roles. The experience gained from working in the industry has shaped the work ethic and professionalism of many Filipino professionals. They have developed a strong sense of accountability, reliability, and problem-solving skills, all of which contribute to their success in handling customer interactions.

Cons of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines:

  • Potential Communication Challenges: Despite their English proficiency, there can still be barriers, such as accent differences or cultural nuances that may require extra effort to overcome in communication.
  • Supervision and Training: Remote management of virtual assistants can be difficult if you don’t have systems in place. HSVA provides you with best practices for managing virtual staff.
  • Reliance on Technology: Virtual assistants heavily rely on technology, so Technical issues or connectivity problems may disrupt work productivity.
  • Legal and Data Security Concerns: Working with virtual assistants in the Philippines introduces concerns around legal compliance, data protection, and confidentiality. Ensuring proper agreements and protocols are in place is crucial to mitigate potential risks.

Issues with American Workers:

  • Higher Cost: Hiring local or American assistants can be more expensive due to higher labor costs compared to virtual assistants from countries with lower wages.
  • Limited Availability: The talent pool may be smaller, particularly for specialized roles, resulting in potentially longer recruitment processes or difficulty finding candidates with specific skill sets.
  • Dependency on Infrastructure: Local assistants may face challenges related to commuting, office space, and other infrastructure limitations that could affect their productivity.
  • Ultimately, the choice between virtual assistants from the Philippines and local/American assistants depends on factors such as budget, specific job requirements, cultural compatibility, and the level of supervision and training needed to get the job done. We say the only thing a filipino VA can’t do is get your mail and sweep your floor.


We offer a one-month guarantee on our services. If your VA doesn’t meet your expectations, We urge our clients to tell us as soon as they feel the dissonance. We first try to remedy or mediate the situation, but if we can’t fix the relationship, we will find you a new Virtual Assistant at no additional cost.  Our guarantee is only available after clients complete our online video training, as well as create a training plan for their VA. 

If there is ever a time you cannot reach your VA during work hours, reach out to us and we will call them on their landline. We recommend ways to make sure your VA stays in touch and available during work hours. Sometimes there can be power issues during Monsoon season, However, VAs are advised to always have their phone and data connection ready so that they can inform their clients as soon as a technical difficulty happens.

  • VAs are fully equipped with their own computer, and they are told to have primary and backup internet access.
  • In the event that electricity is lost, They can continue to work on their phone, which must always be charged with a backup battery available. 


We have the ability to create a waiting list if we become overwhelmed, and have used this as a way to stop client flow in the past .

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