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Note: We will have new policies starting on October 1, 2022

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Terms and Condition

  • HSVA will give 50% of the referral fee 30-days after the VA starting date, and then will give the next 50% after 60 days of employment of your successfully referred VA.

  • Only an active VA referrer (under HSVA) is eligible for this program.

  • The referrer must fill the online referral form. Submission of referral’s resume
    via email will not be considered.

  • We only accept referrals that an active HSVA VA has forwarded if they have worked with the candidate in the past, and can vouch for the referral’s work ethics and skills. Should we find a good resume to screen and interview, we will reach out to the HSVA VA and previous company HR to perform a background check if both VA and referral had worked there, and if they had worked in the same team or LOB.

  • There is no limit for the number of referrals made by the referrer. Unless two (2) instances of unsuccessful Virtual Assistant candidates occur (wherein they either got terminated due to performance or work ethics and if they resign within 60 days), the referrer is no longer eligible to refer new VAs.

  • If 2 or more referrers have forwarded the same candidate, only the referrer’s entry based from the date submitted will be eligible for the incentive.

  • Any issue affecting referred VA’s performance is subject to the ineligibility of the referral bonus.

  • In case a candidate directly applies and submits a resume, it will not be considered as employee referral. The candidate should fill out the form based on the VA referral link.

  • You can refer a family member, blood relative, or former co-worker, but make sure they can take full accountability and are fit for the job.

  • The referrer will be informed via Slack or email once the referred candidate has been successfully matched and selected. If you did not hear any updates from any of the names you referred, it means we are either in the process of matching, or the candidate did not pass.

  • The client will have a Performance Review with their Virtual Assistant 25 days after their VA is hired and the client will inform the HSVA team.

A friendly reminder: Please have them fill out our application form here.
It is a requirement for us to validate your referral and evaluate their skills.

Effective Date: October 1, 2022