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At The Melody Manager Agency, you will work closely with purpose-driven female leaders, offering tailored support that allows them to focus on their most meaningful work. Your expertise will contribute to their success, and in turn, you will find a rewarding and fulfilling role that appreciates and values your skills.

Why Choose The Melody Manager?


Join a heart-centered team that values collaboration and community-building.


Work in an environment that fosters proactive decision-making and innovation.


Enhance your skills and grow professionally with a company that values curiosity and continuous learning.

Competitive Compensation

Earn a living wage and contribute to your economic security.

Diversity and Inclusion

Be part of a supportive work community that values and respects all its members.

Then join our amazing community here at Melody Manager!
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We recruit, train, and onboard VAs

specifically for female entrepreneurs.

"Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) was the best decision we made as co-owners of Home Service VA. Our VA's dedication and skill in handling tasks and communicating with clients exceeded our expectations. Delegating responsibilities freed up our time, allowing us to focus on growth and achieve a better work-life balance."

Melody Edwards / Din Asis

- Co-Founders of Melody Manager

What our Client Says

"Melody Manager has been a game-changer for me. My Executive Assistant not only helps me manage my daily tasks but also brings innovative ideas to the table. I've been able to focus more on my passion, and my stress levels have decreased significantly."

Sarah T., Non-profit Founder

What our Virtual Assistants Say

HSVA hiring process was smooth like butter! Not only was the hiring process uncomplicated and simple, they instantly got me matched with a great client.
Thanks HSVA for this wonderful opportunity!
Executive Assistant
I'm really thankful for the opportunity since my client doesn't treat me as his VA but as his partner in business! And it's a rare opportunity to have this kind of relationship. Hence, he allows me to do the things with and discover what I can do.
Executive Assistant
HSVA has helped open a lot of great opportunities for me. They instantly matched me with a client that felt like they were heaven-sent! My clients make me feel like a part of their company and not just their EA. Thank you for matching me with the most amazing clients, and I am beyond thankful for this opportunity. More power to HSVA and may you guys help more VAs match with their heaven-sent clients.
Executive Assistant
This is my best working experience! HSVA provides all the support you need to help you match with a client. I am beyond grateful with the team, especially to Mel and Kyle, because I am now working with one of their nicest client! From application process to onboarding, everyone from the team were supportive! Super grateful that I am now literally enjoying work-life balance!
General Virtual Assistant

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